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A group of passionate fitness individuals creating the first community-powered platform to help you find activities around you, create activities and have others join you, and connect with Like-minded active individuals

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Find activities that fit your liking
Connect with like-minded fit individuals
Find Active communities around you

For Communities

Build a social fitness community around a certain activity
Manage registration, waiting lists and payments from one platform
Find Facility providers for your sport/activity (courts, studios, etc)

For Facilities

Attract new communities keeping your facilities busy
Don't have idle time due to no bookings
Manage payments directly from the application


A single FREE to use platform that helps connect you with like-minded individuals with cost-effective activities

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Free to use no subscription platform


Partnership agreements with Facility and Fitness Providers

Access to Locations

Finding it hard to find a facility? Reach out to us and will get you in touch with our partners

Get traffic

Introduce your community to a wider segment of people

Host Events

Shed more lights on your amazing events and let more people get in

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